e-Bookkeeping - Quick & Easy
Monitor Transaction Activity Instantly
Your Finances in your Pocket
Complete Transparency
Have Transaction Dialogues
Auto-Triggered Notifications

Accounting Gateway

Accounting Gateway is a stepped-up, cloud based solution for accounting firms. It expedites the accounting process of SMB’s through automated bookkeeping, yielding accurate data that can be consumed by an Accounting software – thus reducing time to trial balance, to a fraction.

Scale your Business
Handle 10 times more clients than present.
Automated Bookkeeping
Bring in transparency, speed & reliability to bookkeeping.
No Spreadsheets
Mapped, categorized & accurately reported transactions.
Administer Accountants
Look into your staff’s workload, route transactions and control their access.
Monitor Productivity
View each accountant’s activity & assess productivity.
Bring continuity & stability in the bookkeeping process, irrespective of changes in accounting personnel.
We can customize our application as per requirement for a more focused user experience.
Personalized & White-labeled Mobile App
Get your brand on the mobile app.
Set up Diverse Businesses
Configure the Chart of Accounts to customize it for each client.
Transaction Management
Track transactions, re-route them. Manage communication with the client.
Role-based Access
Restricted access as per role defined.
Export to Excel
Export transactions to Excel for reporting purposes.